Maryland Republican Convention

It is good to see so many Old Friends: a look back at the Spring MDGOP Convention

The members of the Maryland State Central Committee gathered a couple of weeks ago in lovely Hanover, Maryland the Live Casino and Hotel.  Governor Bob Ehrlich kicked off the festivities Friday night with VIP Reception celebrating the release of the Gov’s fifth book.  There were over one hundred people in in attendance for the Friday night affair.  After the reception Maryland Republicans cut loose at Nicolee Ambrose’s karaoke party.  Corine Frank, MDGOP Executive director got things kicked off with her rendition of the 1983 Journey Classic Separate Ways, not to be overshadowed but the showstopper of the evening had to be the the Duet of Del. Metzgar and Del. Thaim, recreating the Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder’s Ebony and Ivory.  Perhaps we will have the Singing Delegates perform at our next MDGOP Convention much like the Singing Senator. 

As much fun the MDGOP Convention we do gather to conduct serious business.  We had several bylaw amendments passed by the central committee.   MDGOP passed several key bylaws changes on being in heaven forbid another lockdown where we can’t gather in person, we will be able to now do a virtual convention.  Our last virtual convention was made possible by a rule change by the Republican National Committee.  In addition, now counties that don’t have provisions on filling vacancies, after 90 days the Chairman can make the appointment, however in counties like ours we have a process in place, so for us nothing has changed.  

Convention adjourned early and we accomplished much.  We will do it all over again in October in Western Maryland at Rocky Gap, not only will we see the changing of the colors, but we will also have another opportunity to see our friends from around the state.  Also photos from our convention can be viewed at 


Dwight Patel is a Member of the Montgomery County Republican Party Central Committee and Chairman of the Maryland Republican Party Technology Committee.

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