MDGOP Update

Maryland is in a crime crisis. 

While Governor Wes Moore is claiming in his State of the State Address that "crime is down across the state," the statistics paint a much dimmer picture.  Take a look at just a few examples:

The House of Delegates and Senate need to pass the Joint Republican Caucus's Public Safety Agenda, but Democrat leadership will not even acknowledge the problem.  Read more below about each of the bill's in the Public Safety Agenda, and then sign the petition!
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  • Violent Firearms Offenders Act of 2024 
    • Increases penalties for violent offenders, closes the “drug dealer loophole,” and penalizes knowingly transferring a gun for a crime. This bill has passed in the Senate previously with bipartisan support. 
  • Safe Communities Act of 2024
    • Ensures violent offenders serve the duration of their sentence and keeps repeat offenders off the streets by denying them bail. 
  • Gun Theft Felony Act of 2024
    • Makes the theft of a firearm a felony, a critical tool in getting illegal guns off the streets.
  • Drug-Free Roadways Act of 2024
    • Reverses the ban on police searching vehicles based on the smell of cannabis, getting drug-impaired drivers off the road and restoring an important law-enforcement tool for confiscating illegal guns. 
    • Corrects recent misguided laws that have made it effectively impossible to hold juvenile criminals accountable. Allows juveniles to be interviewed by police with parental consent, requires juveniles who commit a crime with a gun to be tried in the juvenile court system, and eliminates the "catch and release" approach to repeat juvenile criminals. 
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