Memorial Day Request

Memorial Day is observed on the last Monday of May to honor the men and women who served in the U.S. military. For many, the holiday marks a time to visit a military cemetery or a war memorial in remembrance of those who served and fought to defend the freedom of America. For most people, Memorial Day marks the unofficial beginning of summer though we should take the time to explain the true meaning of the day to children and young adults and have a moment of reflection or prayer at gatherings with family and friends.  

If I may add one more request to that list, it is time for all of us to step forward and carry the torch of defending our freedom and liberty just as those brave women and men did who served our country.


What can you do?

Actions make a difference! It is becoming clear that many people have had enough. When people stopped buying Bud Light in protest of the woke transgender agenda, IT MATTERED. A friend recently told me that when they purchased another beer brand, the distributor offered to give them a free case of Bud Light if they switched brands. Their response was basically “go woke, go broke.” When people turned off Fox News in protest of them silencing Tucker Carlson, a free thinker who encouraged all of us to “look behind the curtain,” their ratings dropped dramatically. Your actions MATTERED. The viewers will now dictate what they are willing to listen to--- and we will see over time what that means. Both companies made their business decisions and YOUR reactions clearly sent the message that those were unpopular.

Dare to speak up. It’s hard to do in this divided country we find ourselves living in but once you get comfortable with finding your voice, you will empower yourself and will want to do more. When you reach that point, volunteer to join us at MCGOP as we need many volunteers for the upcoming election cycle and other activities.

Help MCGOP speak up, speak out and fight back. We really do need your help financially. If you have already contributed, we thank you. Our last appeal provided funding to run some ads protesting MoCo funding for bike lanes; the extreme green agenda initiatives being forced on us; and increasing property taxes and fees to help pay for these items and more!!!. The ads have drawn attention and express the sentiments of many residents, not just Republicans.

Enjoy the upcoming holiday, raise the American flag and take some time to pay tribute to those who have died for our country. Additionally, help MCGOP defend our freedom locally as we find ourselves in this sanctuary county with out-of-control spending.

With appreciation,

Laura Benson

MCGOP Finance Chair

Montgomery County Republican Party