Mid MoCo Muster - April 2023

During our first three sessions this year we've covered the Jan 6 debacle, current election integrity issues, and then the global warming hoax.
This month we will offer a brief update on election integrity, specifically the practice of "ballot harvesting", or what some prefer to call "ballot collection".
Then we will have a talk about the latest existential threat now on the horizon (like we need another one!), "Central Bank Digital Currency".
The breadth of the assault on our institutions is mind-boggling. We'll try to keep our sense of humor as we keep track of each new threat as best we can.
As usual, we hope you can arrive in the 6 O'clock hour and order some food and/or drink and we will begin the presentation at 7pm.
We will keep the program to less than an hour to allow plenty of time for informal discussion and conversation.
Please join us next Thursday evening, April 20th, from 6-9pm in the private side room at:
La Mex, 16143 Shady Grove Rd, Gaithersburg, MD 20877
Greg Decker
Montgomery County Republican Party