Who is Anonymous?

Many of us know “Anonymous” as an activist and hacker group that perpetrates cyberattacks against governments, government institutions and government agencies … that is unless you live in Montgomery County.

As all organizations must do, the Montgomery County government maintains a register of all the checks they write to vendors, individuals and other business associates. Download the Montgomery County checkbook to see how many venders are listed with just a number and not a name. Download MoCo checkbook here

A quick look at the persons and groups that have received checks from the County will show over 25,000 checks totaling almost $160 million dollars were written to anonymous, numbered vendors with no name. When we asked who these anonymous vendors are, we were advised in writing that we could not be given that information because “ … the department doesn’t want the names disclosed because of the client privacy....”   Read on and see the e-mail here. 

Montgomery County Republican Party