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A Paradigm Shift in Montgomery County Politics

By Ryan Gniadek*

In Maryland at-large, the upcoming election will be the most consequential in half a century. The opportunity to re-elect a Republican governor for the first time since Theodore McKeldin in 1954, directly prior to the redistricting process no less, will have an impact far beyond Maryland. Above all, the implementation of fairly drawn congressional districts will likely give Republicans 2-3 extra seats in the House of Representatives, which could prove pivotal to maintaining future control of the House.

Brian Frosh Abuses Maryland Attorney General Office with Subpoenas of Political Opponents

By Mark Uncapher MCGOP Chairman

As Maryland’s attorney general, Brian Frosh has used his office’s investigative powers to advance his own personal, ideological agenda.  While Attorney General Frosh is certainly entitled to his own personal opinions, he abuses his office’s power by directing its considerable prosecutorial authority at specifically targeting those he disagrees with politically.

Calling All Students – Now is the Time to Volunteer for GOP Candidates!

By Sharon Cohen MCGOP Central Committee

The school year is about to start.  Over the next few weeks, families and their students will be shopping for the school supplies needed in order to be ready for the start the school year. 

Let’s add one more thing to the student list this fall:  volunteering to help a Republican candidate for office!  

Gerrymandering - Time to “Do the Right Thing”

By John Walsh Candidate for U.S. Congress, District 8

Every ten years following the national census, all of the states are required to review their congressional district maps and make adjustments, based on shifts in population and the number of representatives allocated.

In 2011, after the 2010 census, Maryland’s Democratic governor and legislature passed a law deliberately designed to create an additional Democratic seat in Congress. In order to implement the new law, Republican voters in Frederick, Carroll and Montgomery Counties were effectively disenfranchised. This partisan redistricting process is commonly referred to as “gerrymandering.”

I Will Bring Vision and Experience to the Job

By Dwight Patel Candidate for State Senate, District 20

As the Republican running in District 20 for State Senate this year, I can assure you that I have the problem-solving expertise and the persistence to address the concerns of this district. I’ve taken the Americans for Tax Reform “No New Taxes Pledge.”  I went to Montgomery Blair High School in downtown Silver Spring.  I know Silver Spring and the citizens of LD 20.  Many of them would welcome the opportunity to create a more business-friendly environment in our community.

Dr. Politics: The Art of Door Knocking

By Dwight Patel MCGOP First Vice Chairman*

Door knocking isn’t just a necessity, it is truly an art.  Door knocking is a key part of your campaign’s ground game, which also includes prescient organizations for poll coverage on election day.  I will be focusing on a few elements of door knocking that you should know about.

My mentor in 1994 – Sen. Marty Madden – advocated door knocking and told me that if you don’t go through 4 pairs of shoes by Labor Day, you aren’t knocking on enough doors.  Marty also made it a point to be consistent – Don’t tell people what you think they want to hear. When you get to a door, keep it brief and to the point.  Don’t ramble on or go overboard, and if you hit a door where they start to argue, move on.  They are keeping you from your job of hitting as many doors as possible.

Maryland Commuters Are Stuck in Traffic: Which Candidates Have the Right Relief Plan?

By Mark Uncapher

Marylanders spend more time commuting to work than the residents of every other state, apart from New York.  The time spent stuck in I-270 or Beltway traffic is maddeningly frustrating.  Congestion results in less time spent with families and discourages workers from taking jobs involving longer commutes. 

GOP Senate Candidate Tony Campbell Wants to End Partisan Divide in Washington, DC

By Deborah Lambert

U.S. Senate candidate Tony Campbell knew there was precious little time during the first few months of his 2018 campaign to establish himself as a frontrunner. Therefore, he moved quickly from the starting gate to the winner’s circle, defeating his ten GOP opponents on Primary Day and becoming the leader of the pack.

Not bad for his very first political campaign.


D-16 Delegate Candidate Bill Day Champions Jobs, Quality Education and Teamwork

By Ann Hingston Legislative District 16 Chair

With outcome of the District 16 primary settled, Republican Bill Day kicked off his General Election campaign for Delegate at a Bethesda back-yard get-together attended by more than 70 friends and supporters on July 13th. Day introduced himself as a self-employed Montgomery County attorney specializing in business law, a US Naval Academy graduate, and a children’s soccer coach.

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