Not One Democrat Stood Up

Not one elected Democrat on the Federal, State or County level has stood up and supported our citizens who are asking for their kids' freedom from sexualized content in "storybooks" taught by union teachers in the MC public schools.

Not one.

American citizens, newly immigrated or here for generations, are disappointed that the 7 women who make up the all-Democrat Montgomery County Board of Education won't honor the parents' religious right to opt-out their kids from sexualized education in the public elementary schools. Asian, African, European, Muslim, Christian, Jewish and others are denigrated by the all-Democrat political establishment in Montgomery County. One Councilmember uses degrading terms like "White Supremacists" and "Zionist Jews" to describe those who disagree with her.

"It's not about being anti-gay" said one mother. "It's about reading and talking about sex to my little kids without my knowledge or consent!"

Watch this video of their most recent plea at the Board of Education. We're sure you'll see someone who looks like you demonstrating their disappointment at the way the School Board's all Democrat members - as well as all the elected local and state Democrats, ignore their pleas to stop the public schools from using sexual content "storybooks" to sway their kids and turn them against the religious and moral teachings of their parents and grandparents.

NOT ONE elected Democrat has come to their defense or backed their viewpoint. They expected so much more from this land of democracy that they live in.

Not one.

Perhaps they should ask Terry McAuliffe of Virginia if he's changed his mind about whether Parents and Guardians should have a say in their kids' education. Governor Glenn Youngkin knows the answer.

The Republican Party of Montgomery County, Maryland

Most of these parents are Democrats, yet they're being either ignored or insulted by their own elected representatives. Tell us what you think at [email protected]

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