Come On Man, Take Responsibility


Biden is responsible for every fiasco he has brought about as occupant of the Oval Office.  However so are the Americans who voted for him or did not vote at all.  Biden is inept, incapacitated, and ignorant as was very apparent before the election. But some voted for him anyway because they did not “like” Trump’s personality and the unpleasant truths he told.  It is time for immature American voters to grow up.  The presidential and vice-presidential elections are not beauty or personality contests.

Competency is the base line requirement.  This nation has had leaders with lesser personalities and habits, but they were up to the job: the Adamses; Madison; and Harry Truman for examples examples.   President Lincoln is reported to have answered criticism of General Grant’s drinking with the following statement,  “tell me the brand of whiskey that Grant drinks.  I would like to send a barrel of it to my other generals.” The President had gone through three others previously that had not delivered. Of Grant, Lincoln said, “I cannot spare this man. He fights”.

Similarly General William Sherman was abrasive and insensitive as was General Patton, but they got the job done.   

Everyone in the country is in danger because of Biden’s incompetency. No one is exempt from the lower classes to the political elite and the wealthy. But the latter two groups do not realize it.

As a result, it is incumbent upon citizens to take immediate and intensive civil defense and disaster preparation.  Otherwise, we are sitting ducks.  

Biden’s ultimate goal is to disenfranchise, displace, and replace American citizens.

He is pursuing it by trying to force and coerce citizens to take experimental vaccines and boosters that have caused numerous deaths and is an infringement upon their rights. At the same time he has opened the Southern Border to nearly two million illegal immigrants and counting.  Many of these unvetted illegals have COVID, the very disease the “vaccines and boosters” are supposed to be preventing. Also, he is importing 90,000+ unvetted Afghans whose allegiance is not known. 

Biden has also destroyed our national security by setting us up for terrorist attack(s).  He is not your friend much less your president.


Hessie L. Harris is a member of the Chevy Chase Women's Republican Club and a board member of Help Save Maryland.

Montgomery County Republican Party