Domestic Terrorists Moms Speak Out

'I'm A Little Worried About What My Son Is Learning In School,' Says Dangerous Domestic Terrorist


EL MONTE, CA—"I'm a little worried about what my son is learning in school," said a dangerous domestic terrorist at a school board meeting earlier today.

The radical insurrectionist went on to say that "teaching kids to be racist and all about graphic depictions of sex seems a little problematic to me," confirming fears that she has been radicalized by fanatical right-wingers.

She was quickly added to the FBI Most Wanted list after expressing her concern that her children were being influenced by Marxist teachings and radical sex instruction by crazed left-wing nutjobs. Experts say she may be part of a growing number of deranged extremists who violently question the government's ownership of their children by attending the "open comments" portion of a school board meeting

At publishing time, she had confirmed her belief that parents should be the number-one influence on a child's mind and that the government does not own her children, causing FBI agents to gun her down on the spot, saving us all.

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