Our Volunteering Experience at the GOP Booth at the Montgomery County Agricultural Fair

By Yin Zheng

On our first day serving at the GOP booth at the fair, my daughter encountered two little sisters. They ran by and one said, “Look, the GOP table!“  The other girl responded, “Run, they are going to kill you!” 

This is how political freedom has been taught to our children in modern times. Isn’t it true that the beauty of America is that we can have different views, and people can choose to support their chosen party to promote checks and balances for the benefit of our people and country? No wonder I had a hard time convincing my daughter to wear a volunteer t-shirt with the MCGOP logo on it.

On that very night, my daughter and I stopped by the Democratic booth. We talked to a kindhearted gentleman, a Democrat who immigrated from Africa. I told him that I came from China and I’m a Republican. I understand poverty, love, and compassion. I also told him that I know how important it is to help people rise out of poverty by teaching them the skills to take on personal responsibilities and be independent. The policy that makes people dependent on welfare is the worst; it can destroy a person’s future because it takes away the motivation and hope from these individuals. 

He concurred with me on the above points.  We discussed these issues for half an hour and revealed that we have conflicting opinions on various issues. However, we agreed at the end that the two parties need to talk to each other diplomatically and find common ground to make Montgomery County a prosperous, better, and safer place to live. That is the dream beyond party lines for everyone living in Montgomery County. We need a common-sense approach to solve the problems in the county.

Believe or not, we took a photo together where both he (a Democrat) and I (Republican) had bright smiles on our faces.

Volunteering at the GOP table was a transformational experience for my daughter and me. My daughter was afraid that people would treat her nastily after recognizing that she is associated with Republican activities, and I was concerned that people might be salty or impertinent because I believed in something that differed from what they believed in.

I found out from volunteering at the GOP booth that my concern was unnecessary. Most people appreciate your enthusiasm and volunteering services. Your party affiliation doesn’t matter. One boy stopped by to take a lollipop from our booth, and I asked his mother whether she wanted flyers from our table. She replied, “I’m a Democrat.” I then said to the boy, “Enjoy your candy!”

They both thanked me and left contentedly. My daughter also learned that it is okay to demonstrate that you are different as long as you show respect to others. 

Vote from your heart, vote for common sense and vote for candidates that will make our county a better place to live in!


Montgomery County Republican Party