Picnic in Empty Bike Lanes

We're all amazed that Maryland, DC and MoCo are taking away streets and adding empty bike lanes. We're forced to pay for them, forced to wait in more traffic, and forced to "Smile" pretending it's for safety and the environment. They're not.

The Road Diet is a type of coercion, one that one-party rules makes possible.

Enjoy this great video of an Empty Bike Lane Picnic that took place in Bethesda this weekend.

Watch the video HERE or tap on the Empty Bike Lane pix.


Yep, Saturday morning, beautiful weather, prime weekend biking time. Our filming took about 20 minutes - not ONE biker showed up to use the lane. But you hear the cars in the next lanes cheering and beeping that at least someone is paying attention to this farce of public policy. They all have the same experience - going to work and coming home in the evening, empty bike lanes and extra traffic, idling cars leading to more fuel usage and more smog. But the incumbent politicians and bureaucrats don't care - they think there're more votes in the "Green" agenda than in the free-choice agenda. And they're banking on it.

Help us do two things, let landslide incumbent Marc Elrich and the one-party County Council know that you don't support turning needed traffic infrastructure into empty bike lanes. 

Second, if you can help us with a much needed donation HERE it would go a long way in helping the cause.

PS. Let us know what you think at [email protected]. (And tell us what you think was in the picnic basket!)

Montgomery County Republican Party