Please Sir, May I have Another; Part Deux !

What Marc Elrich, “Senator” Will Jawando and Kristin Mink, will cost you in CASH when you buy a home.

Can’t get enough of Kevin Bacon? Neither can we. But wait, there’s more!

The loudest faux proponents on the housing shortage and inequity and rising cost and injustice and outrage (at any microphone) are Marc Elrich, “Senator” Will Jawando and Kristin “Call the cop to fix my tire” Mink. We won’t leave out The New Council, and have them slink away, no sir!

You will see here in math and IN YOUR EXTRA CASH, the “proponents” of Housing, Equity, Justice, Outrage, (whatever else sounds good) that THEY are in fact, and indeed  THE BIGGEST ROADBLOCKS TO HOME OWNERSHIP in Montgomery County.

In short, Dear Taxpayer, it is the classic; do as I say, and not as I do.

We want to show you, Dear Taxpayer (and future homebuyer) in chart form below; what their proposals will cost the next aspiring homebuyer, the young mover upper with kids, the downsizer/future retirement condo buyer in EXTRA CASH from ---you bought today ---and when you buy after JULY 1, 2023 WHEN THEY GET IT PASSED AND GOES INTO EFFECT!

Below the chart are telephone and email links to your favorite Executive and Councilmembers. Call them up and say MCGOP sent me and call their scheme out.

Montgomery County Government Contact Information:

County Executive Marc Elrich

Montgomery County Council:

Find your Council Member

  • Gabe Albornoz, At – Large, Email | 240-777-7959
  • Marilyn Balcombe, District 2, Email| 240-777-7960
  • Natali Fani-González, Distict 6, Email | 240-777-7870
  • Andrew Friedson, Vice President, District 1, Email | 240-777-7828  
  • Evan Glass, President, At – Large, Email | 240-777-7966 
  • Will Jawando, At – Large, Email | 240-777-7811 
  • Sidney Katz, District 3, Email | 240-777-7906 
  • Dawn Luedtke, District 7, Email | 240-777-7860
  • Kristin Mink, District 5, Email | 240-777-7955 
  • Laurie-Anne Sayles, At – Large, Email | 240-777-7964 
  • Kate Stewart, District 4, Email | 240-777-7968


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