Ronald Reagan said “On this occasion, let us also remember the freedoms and the sacrifices that have made our abundance possible. We are heirs to a precious legacy, one that has taken centuries to build, and we must forever recognize that its preservation and increase are our glad task and solemn responsibility,” 

Enjoy the day with friends and family, the end of summer is here before you know it. 

But remember, our National, State and local governments need a change in leadership. Single party government hasn't served us well. Folks are demonstrating at School Boards and being ignored or insulted. Illegal immigration is exhausting BLUE cities the way it's targeted RED cities and states for years. You can't afford taxes, higher prices and increased energy costs.

You see a decline in public safety, a decline in reading and math scores, a decline in civility of both sides that makes it harder to recover from inflation, international upheaval and domestic unrest.

With Important elections next year we need to focus and work for the best candidates who will work for America.

Its Labor Day. Lets go to work!

Tell us what you think the next step should be at [email protected]

Montgomery County Republican Party