Remembering September 11

It's been a generation since that crisp Autumn day in 2001 when our city and our nation stood still as unbelievable violence visited our land. One great  generation remembers it only in stories, others remember it as if it were yesterday, yet others recall wanting to come to this country as a beacon of freedom and democracy in a world gone mad.

We remember and honor those we lost, both in the attack and in the years after defending this nation from threats overseas. We remember our Montgomery County Congresswoman Connie Morella leading the Congress in song on the steps of the US Capitol - even though it was under threat at that time. We remember President Bush urging Americans not to go after our US Muslim brothers and sisters, and we remember pulling together after that fateful day.

We'll pull together again, we're more alike than not - and we'll push back against all the internal and outside forces always trying to tear us apart.

Let's go America, let's make things better to honor those whom we remember for their sacrifices.

God bless America.

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Montgomery County Republican Party