We’re used to the County Executive and County Council knowing what’s best for us – even if we disagree. But with an arcane idea called BEPS (Building Energy Performance Standards), they want to eliminate choice and spend Granny into the poorhouse.

Under the guise of global warming, they want to decree that you may only have one source of energy, to cook, to heat, to cool and run your car. It’s an all-electric future they’ve declared for us, no matter whether you want it or not.

Apart from the Feds and the State mandating that your car or truck or school bus or delivery truck must be electric, they’re mandating that folks who live in high-rises must all convert to electric.  Yep, if you live in a big building built years ago it’s got to convert from gas or oil to electric, at a huge cost to each owner, or if a rental building the owner will pass that cost to you. Bye to your warm heat, bye to your gas stove. Bye to the money in your wallet.


While they worship at the altar of equity and single source power, you have to pay the price. We think that’s wrong. Imagine the cost to you as a condo owner retrofitting the Promenade, the Willoughby, half of Leisure World or Silver Spring from gas or oil to all electric! And if they tell the rental building owner she can’t pass the cost on to the tenants, think of the closed buildings and lower stock of affordable housing! And if they let her pass on the cost - you think your rent’s high now?

Having one source of power – only electric – makes about as much sense as having only one party in power for decades – only Democrats!

What can you do? Write your County Executive, landslide Marc Elrich. Write one or all of the Democrats on the Montgomery County Council and tell them you want choice, you want heat, you want freedom and you don’t want to go bankrupt to pay for their equity and environmental whims.

And let them know before it’s too late.

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