By Amy D'Elia

Caring for America! That’s exactly what the UMRWC did on Sunday, November 12, to honor Veterans Day. Six patriots from two women’s clubs went to Arlington National Cemetery to show veterans, active duty members and their families how much we appreciate their sacrifice and service, past and present. It was a huge success!

Amy D’Elia (UMRWC Chair of Caring for America), Martha Hale (Co-Chair) and Brigitta Mullican represented the UMRWC, while Kathy Raines, Susan Baker and Cindy Cheng were there for CCWRC. We prepared and handed out 75 thank-you bags, which included two poems—“Flanders Field” and “A Soldier Died Today”—a poppy and American flag pins.

We took two cars to divide and conquer. Kathy and Martha drove us because they have passes to enter the Cemetery. It was my first time visiting there. I was also grateful to see the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Kathy was happy to visit her father’s grave, which she does quite often. Her grandfather is also buried there as is Martha’s sister.

We arrived around 11 a.m. and stayed three hours. We were happy that, being the day after Veteran’s Day, the Cemetery wasn’t crowded with cars. We drove around and saw young and old, families and couples. We stopped to ask them if they were veterans or active duty. If they said yes, we gave them a bag and told them it was a token of appreciation from us for their sacrifice and service. It was obvious that they were as touched by our gesture as much as we were honored giving it to them.

We plan to continue this activity over the Memorial Day Weekend and possibly the Fourth of July. The information regarding the 2024 schedule will be forthcoming.

Being at Arlington National Cemetery to show veterans, active-duty members and their families how much we appreciate their sacrifice and service was a wonderful way to honor veterans who proudly served the United States of America and its citizens.


Amy D'Elia is a Member of the Republican Central Committee for Montgomery County Maryland

Montgomery County Republican Party