Respect Shown at Parental Rights Rally

Instead of hate we saw mutual respect at Thursday's rally.

What's become a monthly demonstration for Parental Rights occurred again last Thursday at the Montgomery County Board of Education in Rockville. Hundreds of parents and their supporters showed up to demand that their religious rights be respected and for their minor age children to be able to opt-out of classes, including readings and lessons with sexual content and societal teachings going against the family values of those parents and students.

Another much smaller group of counter-protestors, less than 12, also held a peaceful demonstration nearby. Neither group tried to intimidate the other, smear their motives or harass either group in any way. As a matter of fact, the Parent protestors went out of their way to remind the crowd they understood this country stood for the rights of all, and that they were not there to single out members of the gay community - only to have the government acknowledge rights for their kids and their families without the state stepping between the kids and their parents.

Because the Board of Education purposefully holds meetings at times working parents cannot attend, the group was smaller than usual, however their passion was palpable. It was also easier to have respect for the neighbors without the participation of Montgomery County Councilmember Kristin Mink who did not attend. Her previous appearances have been accompanied with jarring notions of calling Muslims and Ethiopian Christians the likes of "White supremacists."

Although some political actors choose to motivate their base with hatred and racial language, this crowd took a different path, a peaceful yet confident path, with clergy from many different faiths present. Yes, there was mutual respect at Thursday's rally. Perhaps the government will develop that respect too.

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