By Dennis Melby

Since I worked at the Carter White House toward the end of his term I saw Mrs. Carter a couple of times. She was an incredibly involved First Lady, as many have been. After his one-term Presidency was over she stayed involved with a number of important efforts, one of which was the mental health of American families. Later, when I served on the Board of Directors of Chestnut Lodge Psychiatric Hospital in Rockville she turned up as a supporter, helping us fundraise and draw attention to mental health - not only in Montgomery County but the nation as a whole. Through her books and advocacy she had a great and positive impact.

Mental Health is in a much more difficult place right not - and drug abuse is a key factor in that deterioration. Whether the drugs are legal or illegal, their overuse and abuse has caused an enormous rise in crime, homelessness and despair.

Mrs. Carter was a trailblazer. We all need to continue her work and do what we can to save people and their families from the effects of mental illness.


Dennis Melby is Vice Chair of the Montgomery County Republican Party. He can be reached at [email protected]

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