Rule of Law, Not Mob Rule

By Gail Weiss

With determination and some trepidation, I went to Capitol Hill this week to help lobby for Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation. We thanked a number of senators, among them Lindsay Graham who along with Susan Collins, stood up to mob rule and rolled back the malicious tactics displayed by far-left Senate Democrats during this nomination process. Bravo to Senators Graham and Collins as well as McConnell and Grassley!

But in addition to the great satisfaction of seeing the president exercise his prerogative of selecting Supreme Court justices while relying on senators only for their advice and consent, one of the best reactions to the confirmation of Justice Kavanaugh is the growing awareness of a subconscious tide that even includes some Democrats and independents, who are starting to turn away from the Left.

No wonder.

Their positions include abolishing ICE and the attempted destruction of a man whose life has been dedicated to achieving academic and professional excellence with unsubstantiated - and refuted – allegations. No wonder fair-minded Americans are moving away from the far left. It’s not surprising that more and more Americans from all points of the political spectrum are grasping the horrifying notion of this attempt to eradicate the presumption of innocence, a bedrock of our nation’s justice system, and are saying that is NOT the country we want to live in.

While this shift may be difficult to feel for those of us living in Montgomery County, maybe we should consider the possibility that a growing rejection of mob/one-party rule is what the 70% approval of Term Limits started to reflect two years ago.

I am far from being tired of winning yet, but unfortunately the Left seems to be very opposed to it. They want higher taxes and bigger government (except for the abolishment of ICE and open borders so that we have no way to know if those entering our country - and our neighborhoods - are fleeing from persecution or from prosecution.) And apparently, they also oppose all the positive economic records that the current administration has been shattering as well.

  • The best way to express your political opinion is to VOTE on November 6th. Remember that Republicans who stay home, elect Democrats! We MUST get out to vote to hold the Maryland governor’s seat! 
  • And ONLY Republicans have WOMEN nominees running for Congress from Maryland in November!
    Let’s send these women to Washington to proudly represent Maryland, as well as sending Governor Hogan back to Annapolis!


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