Spotlight on Dan Cuda

Expanding our Party - It’s Our Time

By Dan Cuda

Nobody is happy where Montgomery County is headed.  Even the down county politicians around Takoma Park recognize we’ve stagnated over the last twenty years.  Even if they’ve run the county for fifty years, they take no responsibility,  and offer no accountability for flat economic growth, declining schools and rising crime.

When did these politicians believe they could demoralize our police and not pay a price?  When did Montgomery County schools start believing they could raise children better than their parents.  Why did Amazon not even give Montgomery County a second look?   Why did Clark Construction move its headquarters to Virginia?  Why did Discovery Channel leave Silver Spring?  

For our flat economy,  the reason why is this - it costs too much money to bring and sustain jobs to Montgomery County.  Down-county politicians add to these costs with their special interest priorities and pay only lip service to economic growth. 

We all want a clean planet, but when their down-county priorities add costs to business that Virginia or the District don’t add, jobs go elsewhere.  It affects all of us.  That’s why I want to be a new voice on the County Council from District 2 – the up-county. 

I want to challenge the assumptions and priorities of the last twenty years.  I stand for the accountability and transparency of Montgomery County government and schools to parents and families for their curriculum and priorities.   I want to build an up-county voting coalition that can provide new leadership for our County.

My district is built around Clarksburg,  Germantown,  Poolesville and North Potomac.  If you are in Montgomery Council District 2,   I ask for your vote this Fall. &

Montgomery County Republican Party