Take a Stand: Say No to Extending Maryland State Superintendent Choudhury’s Contract

As discussed before, Maryland State Department of Education's Superintendent is the one behind all the craziness mandated in our schools. He is also the one behind the bill last year and we'll see again this year, which would give him the ability to mandate what's taught in all public schools in Maryland. If school systems don't comply then he would have the ability to cut state funding to that system.

Here's a great petition to NOT extend Maryland State Superintendent Choudhury's contract. Please take time to read and send an email with a click of a button.  Afterwards, share with your email lists to help us bring sanity back to Maryland. 
We are in a crisis in MoCo and our school system is spiraling downward. Here's your chance to help solve one of our issues with the education system.
Remember, even if you don't have students in our schools, your tax dollars are paying for all this!

Read about the controversy and make your wishes known HERE>

Montgomery County Republican Party