Talking Politics in Leisure World September 19 New Location

The next GOP Club of  Leisure World meeting will be at 1:30 PM, on Sept 19th, in Club House One’s Potomac Room. They'll be discussing:

  1. The County School Board’s failure to listen to parents over the schools’ sexualization of their children (speaker: Lindsey Smith,  Chapter Chair, Montgomery Co Moms for Liberty Group)
  2. Board of Elections opportunities with Gilberto Zelaya from Montgomery County BOE
  3. Why Democrats should be sooo excited over Biden’s accomplishments; and
  4. The organization and future direction of our GOP Club.

Special guest speaker Lindsey Smith, Chair, Montgomery County Chapter of Moms for Liberty.

It's a chance for you to get to know other LW Republicans, Independents and even moderate Democrats! They're looking for new members. Contact President Bob Kammer for info at [email protected]

Montgomery County Republican Party