This Wednesday the Maryland legislature will convene in Annapolis - with Democrats holding a majority in both the House and Senate. Worse, there’s no longer a Republican Governor to restrain their impulse to tax and spend.

Depending on your income you presently pay Maryland somewhere between 2% and 5.75% of your income. Montgomery County adds a further 3.2% no matter what you earn. And, of course, that comes on top of 10 to 37% federal income tax - again depending on your income. All together your tax bill is between 15.2% and 45.95% of your income. Holy cow!

But even then, the meter doesn’t stop running. There’s a 6% Maryland sales tax - while here in Montgomery County there’s also a nearly 1% property tax. And there are taxes on daily living. 47¢ per gallon of gasoline, 9% on a bottle of wine (which come in pretty handy for some folks at tax time) and tax and government mandated telephone fees totaling about 20%. Don’t forget about the 20 year old “temporary” energy tax. All-in-all if you work 40 hours a week half of your time is spent feeding the government, not your family.

A week hence the Democrats will tell us how much more they want. Need another reason to vote Republican?

This was borrowed from the folks at the LD-15 PAC. They can be reached HERE.



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