If you are a Democrat in search of your party’s once proud heritage, you’ll find it alive and well in today’s Republican Party, where economic prudence, public safety and military strength are still prized. Descendants of FDR and JFK are welcome. We understand where you’re coming from. We welcome you back.

The things the national Democrats once stood for like a strong national defense, good jobs, actually making stuff and social values you wouldn’t be embarrassed to discuss at the dinner table - many of today’s Democrats seem to have abandoned.

  • Jewish Democrats - amazed at the anti-Semitism appearing on the left
  • African immigrant Democrats - seeking common sense moral leadership
  • Latino Hispanic Democrats - watching the country teach socialism, abet crime & abandon religion
  • Asian Democrats - who've escaped the troubles now appearing in America
  • Moderate Democrats - abandoned by their own Party

We're glad you're registering Republican, along with many new citizens and folks whose families are long time Democrats. Working together, we can only make our country better.

Have you re-registered as a Republican voter? Tell us at [email protected]

Montgomery County Republican Party