Time for Good Governance

It is time for Good Governance in Montgomery County

The rushed unanimous passage of Thrive 2050, a flawed master plan impacting the county for the next thirty years by a lame duck County Council was a sad day for democracy in our county.  Elected officials once again put ideology and the interests of their political friends ahead of common sense and the rights of county residents.

The Montgomery County Republican Party denounces the County Council for:

  • Failure to engage with and listen to concerns and suggestions of residents and major civic groups.

  • Ignoring the impact Thrive 2050 will have on our poorest communities whose residents will be priced out of their homes.

  • Passage of a master plan that jeopardizes residents’ property rights and property values.

  • Approval of a Master Plan developed by disgraced planning officials who repeatedly violated state and county transparency and public disclosure laws about their meetings and activities. The Council was content to take no action against the Chairman of the Planning Board and its members until media exposure disclosed their actions.

  • Rushing the appointment of a completely new County Planning board in the last days of the Council’s term.

We call upon County residents to hold their county officials accountable and to vote wisely for competent and common-sense County Executive and Council members.  Our county deserves officials who are transparent, who listen to residents, and who put public service and good governance ahead of political party.

It is time for good governance in Montgomery County!

The Republican Party of Montgomery County Maryland

Montgomery County Republican Party