Volunteer Opportunities

Now that the Conventions are over the real campaigning begins. Do you want to volunteer?


  • Display yard signs 
  • Hand out election literature at the polls
  • Make phone calls
  • Work at Headquarters
  • Go door-to-door (canvassing) 
  • Attend Zoom training classes 
  • Help on specific Congressional and other campaigns
  • Help with social media 

Contact Brad Botwin, at 240-447-1884 or [email protected].

Signs, Signs, Everywhere a Sign!

Yes, we have them at the office. And getting more every day. Contact Brad Botwin to coordinate a time to pick-up. 240-447-1884 or [email protected].  

Don’t be intimidated by your liberal neighbors. Show your support for President Trump, our GOP Congressional candidates, judges and ballot question initiatives. Display a sign proudly in your yard.

Know who you vote for

It's important to know who represents you and who you can vote for. With political gerrymandering the house across the street might have a different Congressman.

Click here to find what District you're in!

Vote YES for Question D

Volunteer for the Parrott Campaign






Sign waving is fun and great for social distancing. Call or text Sandy Tuttle at 301-919-7277 or Shaohanah at 320-321-3458. Help defeat David Trone.

Headquarters looks like Campaign Time!

Want to get Trained to Call for Trump?

If you want to get involved by making phone calls for the Trump campaign, click here.


Montgomery County Republican Party