Democrats, Independents and Republicans think we're going in the wrong direction. While our elected officials tout "next year" we watch crime, kids' education, quality of life, affordable housing, and so much more perform below par.

We need to tackle these problems. Montgomery County and Maryland used to lead the way in prosperity and quality of life. Now we slip farther behind. We need to do better. Our elected leaders tout the California model, the West Coast dream. Whether it's voting, taxes, economy, energy, housing, DEI, you name it they want us to be like the Left coast.

  • Read Peter Huessy's column on the California Dream below.
  • Come to our MCGOP convention this month. Talk to the candidates. Listen to the speakers. Get to know the solutions proposed.
  • Read Lori Jaffe's piece about the lack of choice in personal transportation.
  • Reach out to help us get out the vote, help count the ballots, communicate with our fellow citizens and make a change for the better in November.

Our way of life, our democracy, our kids' futures depend on it.

Dennis Melby

MCGOP Chairman

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Montgomery County Republican Party