What to Expect from the New Minimum Wage Law in Maryland

By Patricia Fenati

In the 1980’s when my teenagers wanted spending money of their own, they found jobs after school and during the summers. They worked in our town in pizza shops, the local movie theater, vegetable stands and as life guards. Minimum wage in those days was under $5.00 an hour. 

How YOU Can Help Spread our Ideas

By Gail Weiss

A year ago, after the 2018 General Assembly session ended, where many others and I testified against horrible bills that would have, among other things, made Maryland a sanctuary state, I felt the desperate need to celebrate, socialize and simply be surrounded by fellow conservatives.  And today, I realize more than ever that I needed to counter the toxic barrage of living in Montgomery County among the pink-hat-wearing leftists.

Montgomery County District 14

My name is Pat Fenati. I am the Republican District Chair of District 14.

So much media attention is paid to the election of the federal offices of President and Congress that many voters don’t know much of anything about district where they live. Can you define the boundaries of your state district?

The Mainstream Press is the Democrat Press

By Dennis Melby

The local Washington region we live in the perfect storm area for the Democratic party. The majority of television, print and on-line media follow a left-wing agenda. The first time I ran for office as a Republican, Richard Nixon was president, and the media hated him and most Republicans – and it’s only gotten worse since then.

New Council Members Gabe Albornoz and Will Jawando Speak at MC Taxpayers League Monthly Meeting

By Ed Amatetti

Since 1975, the non-partisan Montgomery County Taxpayers League has functioned as an information resource for countless citizens and advocated for efficient and effective county government. MCTL meets on a monthly basis. Become involved and help us keep our county accountable.

On March 20th, the Montgomery County Taxpayers League’s monthly meeting welcomed two of the newest County Council members, Gabe Albornoz (HHS and Public Safety Committees) and Will Jawando (Education and Planning/Housing/Econ Dvlp Committees) and listened to their thoughts about how they plan to govern. This event followed MCTL’s February meeting with Andrew Friedson and Evan Glass, our other new council members.

Freedom Foundation has a model for freeing public-sector union employees

By Kirby Hartley

In the aftermath of the 2016 election, pundits offered countless theories on why Michigan and Wisconsin had flipped from Democrat to Republican, effectively clinching victory for Donald Trump.

But most ignored a critical distinction the two states had in common: In the four years since the previous presidential election, both had adopted right-to-work legislation.


By Dwight Patel

While the much-ballyhooed Mueller Report appears to have vindicated President Trump of the non-stop accusations that he colluded with Russia, it has also shed light once again on how the mainstream media favor fiction and conspiracy theories over facts.

On the other hand, this isn’t the first time that media coverage has been vilified by those in the political arena. From former Vice President Spiro Agnew’s colorful reference to some in the press as “nattering nabobs of negativism” to Hillary Clinton’s charge during the Clinton scandals that they were being unfairly attacked by a “right wing conspiracy,” the media have taken their share of the blame for the way they have reported and mis-reported some of America’s most serious political stories.

News from the Board of Elections

By Jim Shalleck, Board President

I recently had the pleasure of speaking to the Chevy Chase Women’s Republican Club at their monthly luncheon. It was a great time with over 40 attendees. Led by CCWRC president Laurie Halverson and former CCWRC president Nancy Griffin, we had a meaningful discussion about the state of politics in our county, along with suggested ways for the GOP to participate more fully in the electoral process. The CCWRC always takes a leadership role in the GOP’s efforts to elect Republicans, which includes fundraising and other volunteer efforts on behalf of GOP candidates.

2019 MCGOP Convention and Lunar New Year

A Great 2019 MCGOP Convention and Lunar New Year

We had a wonderful 2019 MCGOP Convention in late February and fun Lunar New Year celebration.  Here are several pictures from both events.

SB 311 Physician Assisted Suicide

On Tuesday February 19, 2019, the Senate Judiciary Committee heard Testimony on Senate Bill 311 - Physician Assisted Suicide.

A testimony for the bill was given by a pharmacist who outlined how “easy” it was to implement this decision, even if the person who is committing suicide is incapacitated.

Montgomery County Republican Party