Calling All Patriots! Calling All Patriots!

By Liz Matory

Don’t want to say I told you so, but in light of the official Socialist takeover of the Democrat Party once again, Republicans must fight (metaphorically and politically) to conserve our constitutional republic.  

Happy Independence Day, Patriots! But at the rate this country is going, this may be the last 4th of July we can all celebrate without feeling like it’s racist or bigoted just for celebrating this great nation. Over the past few years, we have seen an amazing degradation of not only political discourse and rhetoric, but also the diminished knowledge and appreciation for what it means to be an American citizen.

Where Will the Election Go from Today?

By Yin Zheng

After eight days of early voting and the final contest on June 26, the primaries in Montgomery County have ended. The massive number of campaign yard signs at polling stations was unprecedented and impressive. For County Council At Large alone, there were 33 Democratic candidates. It's astonishing how many people at the early polling stations appeared to be canvassing more votes than voting, and the panorama was extraordinary.

This is the Year of Republican Women in Montgomery County

By Gail Weiss* 

When a local news magazine reported on June 27th, "This is not the year of the woman in Montgomery County,” here is what Gail Weiss wrote in response to that well-known Bethesda publication.

Yes, on the Democrat side it apparently was not the Year of the Woman in Montgomery County! 

Dr. Politics: The Art of Getting Over It

By Dwight Patel

We had our primaries in Maryland this past Tuesday, June 26, 2018.  Although most of the candidates didn’t have a primary in Montgomery County, we did have a few and there were even more across the state.  It sucks to lose, but we need to be a unified force and stand together with our nominees.  Remember, the most important thing in 2018 is that we RE-ELECT GOVERNOR LARRY HOGAN to an historic second term as a Republican governor of the Great State of Maryland and help ensure the success of the Drive for Five initiative by the MDGOP.  This isn’t about YOU.  You need to reach out – this  goes for the winners too – all of you need to make an effort to reach out to your opponents’ supporters and make them feel welcome in your camp. 

Planned Gridlock or Traffic Relief? Governor Hogan’s Traffic Relief Plan Offers Hope

By Mark Uncapher, MCGOP Chairman

Any Montgomery County voter looking for traffic relief will not get much hope from the transportation manifestos of Montgomery County’s “progressive” Democrats this primary season.  Collectively, they all try to outdo each other in their opposition to anything involving spending for roads.

U.S. Senate Candidate Christina Grigorian Offers Four-Step Program for Maryland

Christina Grigorian says that as a first generation American, wife, mother and practicing lawyer, she has already lived the American Dream. Now, she is running for the U.S. Senate to represent the people of Maryland. 

An Open Letter to Conservative Maryland Millennials: Hold the Line

By Nick Braughton

If you want to make a meaningful difference in your community or state, you don't have to wait until you’ve found a job and own a home. You don’t even need to be old enough to vote! There are a lot of ways to get involved right now, even if you're in college, high school, or middle school!

My Vision for Montgomery County, Maryland

By Dwight Patel, Candidate for State Senate, LD 20

Transportation Issues– We need more roads and should look at all possible transportation solutions. If I need to go into the city, I use Metro. However, mass transit isn’t a silver bullet that will fix our transportation woes.  I support the governor’s plans to widen the Beltway, I-270 and the Baltimore Washington Parkway.  I also believe we should extend Metro to BWI Airport, since all world class cities have light rail to airports.  Although the MARC train goes to BWI, it isn’t convenient. I strongly oppose BRT on Route 29, Rockville Pike and the Damascus area, because we don’t fix traffic issues by taking away a car lane and giving it to a BRT car.  Right now, we see Ride-On buses that go through our neighborhoods virtually empty.

The Price of Gas in Maryland

By Pat Fenati, Candidate for Maryland Delegate LD 14

Maryland began collecting fuel taxes in 1922 when the state created the Gasoline Tax Bureau to collect a tax on gasoline at the rate of 1 cent per gallon. Over the years that price rose many times until July 1 of 1993 when the Maryland tax on a gallon of gasoline was fixed at 23.50 cents.

Dr. Politics: The Primary is a Dress Rehearsal for November

By Dwight Patel

Amid the period of early voting and Primary Day in Maryland, I realize that most of you running in Montgomery County have no primaries, but you shouldn’t rest on your laurels and wait until November. Nor should you wait until after the primary to start knocking on doors.

Montgomery County Republican Party