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Board of Elections Needs Election Workers And Student Volunteers for the "Future Vote" Progra

  • The Montgomery County Board of Elections is seeking registered voters to serve as election workers at polling places for the Gubernatorial Primary Election to be held on June 26, 2018. Learn More


  • School-age students, grades 6-12, are needed to participate in the “Future Vote” Program students 16 years old or older are eligible to register to vote and serve as election workers.  Student Service Learning (SSL) credits and/or stipiend for eligible students.  Learn More

Why I’m Running for Office in 2018

By Laurie Halverson, Candidate for State Delegate, LD-15


The reason I decided to run for office this year is that Maryland needs more elected Republicans who will support families and the kinds of popular issues that Governor Hogan is proposing.

End One-Party Rule for the Montgomery County Delegation

By S. Alexandra Tuttle

By the end of the 2018 Maryland General Assembly session, it became painfully obvious that the Montgomery County Delegation had tried its utmost to ensure that “End One Party Rule” never happens.

Testimony on Three Sanctuary Bills During General Assembly Hearing

By Brigitta Mullican

On March 13, the Maryland General Assembly House Judiciary Committee held hearings on three sanctuary bills:

Ranked Choice Voting

By Patricia Fenati, Candidate for House of Delegates, LD 14

“Ranked Choice Voting” is promoted as a way to assure that “winners” get a majority, not just a plurality in At-Large elections.

How to Create a Winning Campaign Website

By Dwight Patel

Despite what some tech-savvy web designers and Internet specialists might say, we still haven’t reached a point in our society where a website is a must-have for every local political campaign.

School Safety Through the Eyes of a Teacher and Emergency Management Professional

By David Wilson, Candidate for Maryland State Senate (LD 15)

The safety of so many students in our public schools is not an issue that can be resolved by soundbite solutions.  It requires an approach involving the attention of students, parents, teachers, administrators, law enforcement, mental health professionals, clergy, and legislators.

Think Tank Offers Proposal to Combat Maryland Health Care Rate Shock

By Mark Uncapher

While many Democrats still prefer to refer to Obamacare as the “Affordable Care Act” or ACA, “affordable” seems to be least appropriate way to describe what has occurred since it was signed into law eight years ago.

Many who would agree with that bleak assessment are among the more than 150,000 Marylanders who purchase health insurance on the state health exchange.  They currently face premium increases as high as 50% this coming October.

How to Strengthen Security in America’s Schools

By Jeffrey Brown, 2nd Vice Chair, MCGOP Central Committee

There is currently a lot of noise and concern over what our nation’s response should be to the continuing outbreak of school shootings. It has become a highly politicized debate, and so far, the loudest voices in the court of national public opinion are those who are in favor of more restrictive laws.

Testimony on HB 1461 -- SAFE Act aka Sanctuary State ???SAFE-Supporting All Families Everywhere???

By Pat Fenati

HB1461 - This bill, among other things, would grant state and local government officials immunity from harm caused to residents as a result of the refusal of those officials to communicate immigration status information to federal officials. Who is the state trying to protect? Who is being protected by this bill? Criminals? Why is the General Assembly not making every effort to keep my family safe? As a member of the community, protection from criminals is what I expect from the state.


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