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Chairman’s Message - December, 2018

Alexander A. Bush, Esq., MCGOP Chairman

"We know what works: Freedom works. We know what's right: Freedom is right. We know how to secure a more just and prosperous life for man on Earth: through free markets, free speech, free elections, and the exercise of free will unhampered by the state." — President George H.W. Bush, Inaugural Address, Jan. 20, 1989.

In one sentence, that is what the Republican Party can and should stand for. And the loss of a man who fought for those principles is a great one.

The True Meaning of the Midterm Elections

By Yin Zheng

The midterm elections are over, and the campaign signs and slogans are gone. However, the memories and lessons learned will stay with me for the rest of my life in the fond utopias of my mind. 

Dr. Politics – It’s Not Over Even After It’s Over

By Dwight Patel, MCGOP Central Committee Member - LD 20

Okay, Election Day has come and gone. For many of you who ran, the results weren’t what you had hoped for. However, to quote Sean Hannity, “…Don’t let your heart be troubled…” over your loss.  You are in very good company.  Presidents Abraham Lincoln, Ronald Reagan, Richard Nixon, Governor Spiro Agnew, Governor Hogan and countless numbers of other Republicans lost their first, second, third or even fourth campaigns for office. 

Embezzlement Scandal Raises Questions about Montgomery County Financial Management

By Mark Uncapher

In the days right after the November election, prosecutors made the shocking revelation that a senior Montgomery County official had embezzled over $6.7 million during a six-year period.  The thefts were made by Byung Il “Peter” Bang, the second-in-command at Montgomery County’s Economic Development Department. He had been diverting economic development funds to a sham company that he had created.[i]

Observations at the Polls during Midterm Election Day

By Dennis Melby, At-large MCGOP Central Committee Member

Early November was cold and wet and on Election Day the rain came down in buckets during the morning rush. In regular years, the turnout in a mid-term election is fairly light, but not this year. The numbers for all parties were up, and the voters turned out in droves.

New MCGOP Officers Elected

Alexander Bush

Newly Elected Chairman

of Montgomery County GOP


During the November 13th meeting of the Montgomery County GOP Central Committee, Alexander Bush became the newly elected chairman of the MCGOP Central Committee for 2019, replacing Mark Uncapher, whose current term ran through the November 2018 elections. Chairman Bush, who was elected by acclamation, noted that he welcomed the prospect of working with the current and newly elected committee members. “I believe that I am someone with whom everyone feels they can have a productive conversation,” he said, adding that “it is vital that we improve communication among Republican organizations in the County. We will focus our time and energy on the real – external – goals.” Although Alexander has only lived in Montgomery County for two years, he noted that “this is long enough to learn what needs to be done.”  

Post Election Thank You from MCGOP Chairman Uncapher

November 7, 2018

To all our candidates for office and to our terrific volunteers -- THANK YOU!  We are part of making history, the re-election of a Republican Governor -- Larry Hogan -- to a second term.  Something that has not happened since 1954.

Many individuals and organizations worked along side our outstanding national, state and local candidates for office in 2018.  First, thank you to all the candidates who ran.  This is not easy here in MoCo.  And thank you all our local Republican organizations, to your leaders and volunteers!

When A Single Vote Matters

By Mark Uncapher

Here’s a flashback:

On November 4, 2014, based on averages of polling results from multiple sources, Anthony Brown was leading Larry Hogan by just under 10%, with the polling trends moving against Hogan.  Consequently, political punditry website FiveThirtyEight gave Brown a 94% chance of being elected Maryland Governor.[i]

Dear Fellow Republican

Dear Fellow Republican

I am Dwight Patel, candidate for State Senate in District 20, which covers the Silver Spring, Takoma Park and White Oak areas of Montgomery County.  I am sure that like myself, you are tired of the lack of action by our current state Senator Will Smith, who has done nothing but oppose Governor Hogan’s agenda.

Al Phillips, A Sound-Minded Conservative Candidate for State Senate, District 39

By Deborah Lambert

For Al Phillips, this election year has provided an opportunity to inject some conservative viewpoints into his campaign for the Maryland State Senate. As a strong believer in liberty, prosperity and adherence to the U.S. Constitution, Phillips decided to run for office in order to promote traditional values, stress the importance of maintaining border security, reject the concept of sanctuary cities and acknowledge the importance of law enforcement.  A Maryland native, he and his wife Debra live in Gaithersburg, Maryland.


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