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Maryland Commuters Are Stuck in Traffic: Which Candidates Have the Right Relief Plan?

By Mark Uncapher

Marylanders spend more time commuting to work than the residents of every other state, apart from New York.  The time spent stuck in I-270 or Beltway traffic is maddeningly frustrating.  Congestion results in less time spent with families and discourages workers from taking jobs involving longer commutes. 

GOP Senate Candidate Tony Campbell Wants to End Partisan Divide in Washington, DC

By Deborah Lambert

U.S. Senate candidate Tony Campbell knew there was precious little time during the first few months of his 2018 campaign to establish himself as a frontrunner. Therefore, he moved quickly from the starting gate to the winner’s circle, defeating his ten GOP opponents on Primary Day and becoming the leader of the pack.

Not bad for his very first political campaign.


D-16 Delegate Candidate Bill Day Champions Jobs, Quality Education and Teamwork

By Ann Hingston Legislative District 16 Chair

With outcome of the District 16 primary settled, Republican Bill Day kicked off his General Election campaign for Delegate at a Bethesda back-yard get-together attended by more than 70 friends and supporters on July 13th. Day introduced himself as a self-employed Montgomery County attorney specializing in business law, a US Naval Academy graduate, and a children’s soccer coach.

Dr. Politics: More on Social Media

By Dwight Patel MCGOP First Vice Chair*


The use of social media in politics including Twitter, Facebook and YouTube has dramatically changed the way campaigns are run and how Americans interact with their elected officials.

The prevalence of social media in politics has made elected officials and candidates for public office more accountable and accessible to voters. Plus, the ability to publish content and broadcast it to millions of people instantaneously allows campaigns to carefully manage their candidates’ images based on rich sets of analytics in real time and at almost no cost.

At-Large Representation Update

By Pat Fenati Candidate for Maryland House of Delegates, District 14

What does At-Large representation mean for the voters of this county? In District 14 where I live, the current state delegates, who are also the Democrat candidates for 2018, all live in the more southern precincts of the district. These delegates do not think it is important to spend much time in the up-county area. Since the votes in the more densely populated southern precinct are taken for granted, the constituents in the more rural up-county precincts are largely ignored.

Meet Jae Hwang, Candidate for Montgomery County Sheriff

In reading about the background and qualifications of Jae Hwang, this year’s GOP candidate for Montgomery County Sheriff, the write-ups about his career and experience practically jump off the page.

For example, in a section titled “Restore Safety and Security,” he pledges the following:

  • Leadership from the Front Lines, Not from Behind a Desk
  • Respect and Accountability Directly to You, Not to Special Interests
  • Zero Tolerance for School Crime and Domestic Violence
  • Restore the Sanctity of our Constitution and Shared American Values

Oral Statement Made During the July 10th Meeting of the Montgomery County Council

By Sharon Cohen

The following oral statement was presented by Sharon Cohen at the July 10th meeting of the Montgomery County Council during which the issues of eliminating At-Large County Council seats and redrawing the districts to represent smaller, like-minded communities were discussed, along with two proposed Charter Amendments that would (1) eliminate the role of party central committees in the re-districting process and give Council members the exclusive right to pick their surrogates and, (2) change the nature of a unanimous County Council vote to raise property taxes in excess of the growth in CPI.

Primary Voters Give Montgomery County’s Democratic Party a Hard-Left Turn

By Mark Uncapher

By the narrowest of margins, Democrat primary voters in June selected long-term County Council member Marc Elrich as their party’s County Executive nominee over his nearest rival, David Blair.  The victory is hardly a mandate. Elrich’s 37,000 votes represents barely 5% of Montgomery County’s 730,000 total registered voters.   

Liz Matory Makes Guest Appearance on Eric Bolling’s New TV Show

By Deborah Lambert

Liz Matory, the GOP candidate for Maryland’s 2ndcongressional district, not only scored an historic upset in Maryland’s June 26thprimary, but also appeared on the first episode of Eric Bolling’s new TV show that debuted on CRTV on July 12th.


Dr. Politics – Keeping an Eye on Fundraising

By Dwight Patel

It is July – You’ve gotten past the primary elections, you’re knocking on doors, you’re telling yourself you are doing great . . . However, you may have neglected fundraising.  It is very important that you focus on fundraising now, and I recommend that you utilize all of the methods that I mention below.


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