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Chairman's May Message on Optimism

As Republicans, we have to feel optimism, growth and progress, that is who we are. We struggle every day to make our voices heard, work to grow our businesses, protect our families and support or neighbors. We simply ask that our representatives don’t remove police protection from our schools, don’t put severe tax burdens on everyday people struggling to recover the strongest economy in decades, educate and not indoctrinate our children and don’t to turn religions, races and income levels against each other for what you perceive as political benefit. We are all Americans and we need to do better.

Update on 2021 Election Law Legislation

By Jim Shalleck

President of the Montgomery County Board of Elections.

The Maryland General Assembly adjourned on Monday, April 12, 2021, enacting a number of laws which continue and expand on the voters’ preferences from this past Presidential election.

House Bill 745 increases the number of early voting sites throughout the State. Allocation of these sites was primarily based on population. In Montgomery County, the number of early voting sites will increase from 11 to 13, with an option for a 14th site.

Congratulations New Congresswomen

The Republican Party of Montgomery County congratulates Representatives Young Kim and Michelle Steel on their historic election to the House of Representatives. Not only are they the first Korean American women elected to the House of Representatives, but they are part of a notable GOP resurgence in southern California. Their November wins marked the first time California Republicans had taken out an incumbent House member since 1994.


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