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No Mid County Muster this month.  Next Muster at La Mex will be March 21st!
There is a forum of CD6 Republican candidates this Thursday, Feb 15th in Poolesville. More info at
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Oppose End of Life Act

By Brigitta Mullican

OPPOSE SB 443 - End of Life Options Act

Please oppose this end-of-life bill. As a Catholic, my faith calls me to respect all life, from birth to natural death. I request that you not approve these Bills.  How can helping someone die by drugs be considered “died by natural causes?”   It is inhuman to help someone die. We should have compassion and help each individual to be out of pain but not to kill.

I am very concerned about the push to legalize the dangerous practice of physician-assisted suicide in our state. Maryland has rejected similar bills multiple times. I am asking the committee to oppose MD SB 443 - End of Life Options Act.


It's about six to one, Democrats and Non-affiliated voters to Republicans in Montgomery County. The Board of Elections is charged with pairing up officials - most are paid volunteers who work long hours to make sure the elections are valid, fair and accurate. To do this, they need people from all political persuasions - not just the majority. Duties include: Staffing the polling places, checking voters in, verifying their ability to vote, making sure they have the opportunity and then verifying that the count is right and the procedures have been followed.

That's where you come in. If you're a Republican and can serve the folks of Montgomery County as an election worker we need your name. ThPrimaries are in just a few months. Please contact Republican Committee Members Brigitta Mullican at [email protected] or Lori Jaffe at [email protected] with your name and contact information so we can give a list of workers to the Board of Elections. You can also call MCGOP Headquarters at 301-417-9256 and leave a message.

Yes, we need you to help make the process fair, accurate and timely.

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